Red Beet Eggs A family tradition

Red Beet Eggs are a family tradition!

Red beet eggs are delicious any time but especially known for picnics or parties. They are so easy to serve because they are prepared days ahead of time. They need to simply be pulled from the refrigerator and put on a serving dish. When I have a get-together, THIS is the kind of recipe I love. The big day is easy and unhurried when the preparation is done beforehand.

There are many versions of red beet eggs but this simple one is our favorite. Some add garlic, onions or spices but we like them with just the eggs, beets and tang of the vinegar. We have substituted Stevia or Xylitol instead of the sugar and they work just fine. You do want some sort of sweetener with the vinegar or it will just not be good. We like tangy but not THAT tangy! Bleck! The sugar measurements are on the light side. You may like much more than listed. Most people don’t drink the juice (but it’s OK if you do!) so most of the sugar is not eaten.

Hint: We refill it with more eggs at least once to get the most out of the liquid.

For easy to peel hard boiled eggs, look here.

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ingredients for red beet eggs

12 hard boiled eggs, shelled

2 cans sliced or whole beets

2 cups beet juice from cans (add water to make that much if needed)

2 cups white vinegar (equal to amount of beet juice/water)

1/4 cup of sugar, 12 packs Stevia, 1/4 cup of Xylitol or equivalent substitute of your choice–this is totally to taste


Heat beet juice/water to very hot but not boiling.

beet juice

Add sugar or sugar substitute and stir until dissolved.

Add vinegar.

adding vinegar

Put eggs and beets in glass jar.

eggs and beets in jar

Let liquid cool just a little then pour over eggs and beets.

adding liquid to jar

Let sit for at least 4 days.  This is the hard part because they look sooo good!

red beet eggs in refrigerator


red beet egg

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  1. Good Job, Sweet Joy, Sounds like the perfect recipe of at least 3 generations of our family.

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