Welcome Spring! Spring has come to My Productive Backyard!

Welcome Spring to My Productive Backyard!

Nothing says “Welcome Spring” like beautiful blooming flowers and new life popping up in the garden. Well, unless it is fresh, line dried clothes and sheets. Or the goldfinches turning back to their bright, yellow color and the hummingbirds returning. The burst of flavor from ripe strawberries warm and right out of the garden will do it and so will crisp Garlic Roasted Asparagus. Ok, so there are many ways to say “Welcome Spring”! This is not your typical post. I am just going to take a walk around the yard with you; my productive backyard. 🙂


Birds and Flowers

We bought our house and 40+ year old yard and landscaping six years ago and have done a little—OK, a LOT—each year and it really is getting to be a productive backyard. We shoveled stones out of a large bed in the circle of the driveway and planted ground cover, herbs, a butterfly bush and lots of flowers. Hubby put in a walkway too. I love to see that come to life in the spring. 

walkway in flower garden    

We covered the area between the walkway and the front porch with newspaper, dirt and woodchips and planted lots in there too.That is also where the birdfeeders are and we have a great view of the constant activity out the kitchen window. We pulled bushes out all over the place and new things were put in their place.

birdfeeders    comfrey   crocus

tickseed and catmint  phlox     iris


We made a garden area and fenced it in so we could have some food from it instead of just feeding the deer. There are 8 raised beds and the rest is a no till area covered in woodchips (look up Back to Eden Gardening). Now that we put up a deer fence, we are getting to eat the food from our garden. That was well worth doing!

garden    peas

potatoes coming up      beans


Fruit Trees and Bushes

My Productive Backyard has 5 1/2 acres with a lot of it woods. We planted fig, pawpaw, apple, nectarine, and plum trees and blueberry, raspberry, goji berry, and elderberry bushes and also hardy kiwi, pomegranate, strawberries, horseradish and asparagus. We are just beginning to see the fruits (and vegetables!) of all of that.

asparagus spear   asparagus bed

strawberry bed    unripe strawberries

strawberries     raspberry bush

blueberry bush


Hubby and sons built a chicken coop for Mother’s Day in 2013 and we got a dozen chicks (to be followed by another dozen the next year). 🙂 They lay pretty Easter egg colors; dark brown, light brown, cream, and green shades. You will be seeing more posts about the coop and chickens soon.

chicken coop    eggs

So this is my productive backyard! Sign up on the side bar for emails when I post if you don’t want to miss anything. 🙂

welcome spring   tickseed


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