Freezer Chicken Burritos Amazingly delicious to have in the freezer!

Freezer Chicken Burritos are so wonderful to have in the freezer for a grab and go meal!

Freezer Chicken Burritos are a great meal to have in the freezer. They are much better for you than processed meals you buy in the store. They are also custom made just how your family likes them. Use whole wheat or your favorite flavored tortillas,  refried beans or black or pinto beans or a combination. Use any kind of salsa, Jalapeno peppers, mild banana peppers or none at all. It is totally up to you. One caution is to not fill them too full because they will be easier to break that way. Another is to be careful about how much liquid goes in, like with the salsa. Use a slotted spoon to drain it some if it is very watery.


I used precooked chicken from my freezer to assemble these; easy peasy!

To print the recipe for Freezer Chicken Burritos, click HERE.



10 large flour tortillas (70 grams)

1 can refried beans

4 cups cooked, shredded chicken

24 oz. salsa (2 ½ cups)(Drain some if it is watery)

2 ½ cups shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese

Sliced Jalapeno peppers, optional and to taste

Sour cream for serving


Each tortilla will contain about 1/3 cup of refried beans, 1/3 cup of shredded chicken, ¼ cup of salsa, ¼ cup of shredded cheese and Jalapenos to taste.

Spread the refried beans on first. They are the glue that will hold it all together. Spread them out to within half an inch of the outside of the tortilla.

refried beans on tortilla

Add the chicken, salsa, cheese and Jalapenos down the center of the tortilla. If the salsa is very watery, use a slotted spoon to drain it some.

Fold the tortilla. Start by folding in the right and left side and then roll away from you. There are as many different ways to roll a tortilla as there are people almost so do it how it works for you. You do want the ends tucked in so the contents don’t drop out while you are eating. Roll it nice and tight but gently so it doesn’t break.

rolling the tortilla   

Be sure everything you add is cool and that the entire thing is cool before wrapping and freezing. Any extra moisture will make it soggy and we sure don’t want that.

Freezer chicken burritos

To heat as you make them (they don’t ever all make it to the freezer!); heat 45 seconds in microwave. Refrigerated, heat 60 seconds and frozen, heat 60 seconds, flip and then do 30 second intervals until it is heated through. Microwaves vary so just keep checking.


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