Simple Sauteed Squash Just Easy and Delicious

Simple Sauteed Squash is such an easy and delicious side dish!

We love squash. We love it boiled, roasted, or made into zoodles (Try Lemon Dill Shrimp and Zuchinni Noodles!). And we love it as Simple Sauteed Squash. Sometimes we use the yellow squash and sometimes we use green zucchini. It doesn’t matter.

Leave the peel on, peel it completely or peel it to leave zebra stripes. The zebra stripes leaves on some of the nutritious peel without being too much. I usually do it that way. If the squash is especially big, it is better to cut the seeds out. Otherwise, they are fine left in there. Peel as you wish, cut off the ends, cut into quarters and then dice into bite sized pieces.

There is so much you can do with squash! And it is a good thing because if you have a garden, or your neighbor has a garden, or your parents have a garden. . . you get the idea. It is wonderfully prolific stuff! Simple Sauteed Squash is delicious with Low Carb Not Breaded Chicken, Crock Pot Garlic Herb Chicken, Grilled Citrus Chicken Freezer Meal, or Lemon Herb Baked Fish.

To print Simple Sauteed Squash recipe, click HERE.



1 medium squash; green zucchini or yellow squash, about 1 pound

2 Tbsp butter

1 tsp garlic powder, or to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


Peel and dice squash. Leave some peel if desired. Remove seeds if desired.

Melt butter in skillet.

melt butter in skillet

Add squash and seasonings.

squash and seasonings

Sautee until desired texture, probably 5-10 minutes; longer for softer squash and less time for firm or crunchy.

Stir frequently to coat evenly with butter and seasonings.  

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