Fawn in the Flowerbed

A fawn in the flowerbed; what a fun surprise to find in the flowers!

As I walked around the yard one morning last week to look at my beautiful flowers, I stopped in my tracks! Something was different! Do you see the fawn in the flowerbed?

fawn in the flowers

Look closer.

A sweet little fawn, a dear deer, was hiding in the chipped leaves I had just put there yesterday. Mommy Deer thought they made a comfortable bed for her little one. I felt honored! As much as deer eating my garden and nibbling my flowers can make me want to pull my hair out, I do find myself sighing with an “Aw!” when I see the babies. Who can resist a new baby? Certainly not me.

I felt very sure that Mommy was nearby, finding food for herself and would return in due time for her baby. My only concern was that it was in the sun and it was almost 80 degrees. One of my sons looked online to find information on what would be cause for concern and found a great web page, http://wildlifecenter.org/baby-deer. It was very helpful to let us know that the fawn in the flowerbed was just fine. Unless we found the mother had been hit by a car or something, she had a healthy baby to return to later.

The site asks simple questions and has a flow chart for easy answers.

Is the baby wet or cold? No

Is the baby covered in fly eggs? No

Is the baby wounded or bleeding? No

Is the baby crying for a long time? No

Is the baby lying on its side or appear weak? No

Is the baby in a safe place? Yes

This little one had all of the correct answers so we left it alone. I did however, keep a close watch out my windows. My concern of it in the sun was not a problem for long because when I went out about 30 minutes later to check from a distance on it, it had scooted into my Daylillies in the shade. I wasn’t especially happy it was lying in my flowers but glad it was in the shade.

These pictures aren’t the very best but I was trying not to scare her. Pardon Mr. Squirrel. Not much disturbs his dinner. 

About 2 hours later, Mommy was back. A quick drink before moving.

I did not realize just how tiny and new it was until I watched it run across the yard trying to keep up with Mommy.

Once they were safely across the yard, it was time for more of a meal for Little One. Mommy is being ever watchful and careful. 

They soon went down the hill and into the woods. I am sure I will see them again.

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