Homemade No Nitrates Low Sugar Bacon All the goodness of bacon without added junk

Homemade No Nitrates Low Sugar Bacon is the goodness of bacon without added junk.

We were recently able to get half of a pig for our freezer. I have wanted one for a long time so I was very excited to have lots of fresh pork in the freezer. There were a few cuts of meat though, that had me stumped. What in the world is a pork belly and what do I do with one? I went to trusty Google and learned it was what bacon was made from. Oh! Well, we know what to do with bacon! We love bacon! After searching for homemade bacon recipes, I came up with this one from slimpalate. I didn’t use anything exactly like they did but the base came from there. Homemade No Nitrates Low Sugar Bacon works very well for us.

Usually I do not want to add sugar to things unless it is absolutely necessary. In this case, the sugar balances out the salt so I do add it. It would be much saltier without the sugar. Also, since it is all washed off, it doesn’t really matter.

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To print the recipe for Homemade No Nitrates Low Sugar Bacon, click HERE.



2 lb pork belly

2 Tbsp sea salt

1 Tbsp coconut sugar or your choice of sugar

¼ tsp black pepper

½ tsp dried minced garlic

1 tsp dried rosemary, broken



Rinse and pat the pork belly dry.

Open it up and lay it flat.

Combine salt, coconut sugar, pepper, garlic and rosemary and mix well.

Rub the seasoning mixture into the pork belly thoroughly. Use your hands to really rub it in on both sides.

Put the pork belly in a Ziploc bag and in the fridge for 7 days.

After 7 days, rinse the pork belly thoroughly with water.

Put the pork belly on a wire rack on top of a baking sheet and cook in a preheated 200* oven for about 4.5 hours or until the internal temperature of the pork belly registers 150 degrees.


Allow to cool completely then refrigerate overnight. This hardens the fat and makes it easier to slice.

With a sharp, long knife slice the bacon and cook it up!

YUM!! 🙂


Refrigerate for several days or freeze for up to 12 months.


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