How to Get Chickens to Come When Called Hint: it includes food!

It is possible! See here How to Get Chickens to Come When Called!


Sometimes it is necessary to put the chickens in the safety of their coop before they are ready to return on their own. It IS possible to do so without chicken herding. Trust me; that is NOT how you want to spend your day. And you will spend a good part of your day doing that if that is how you go about it. The term “herding cats” has nothing on “herding chickens”. They just do not herd well. The secret is to make them WANT to go where you want them. We have supervised field trips only. If one of us is not nearby and outside, they are not out of their pen. For that reason, we have an excellent track record of keeping our hens safe. My favorite time is when they are out in the green grass or compost pile scratching and pecking but there are so many critters that love a chicken dinner that they are watched carefully. I know they are “just” chickens but they are MY chickens and it is my job to keep them safe to the best of my ability. When their field trip is over, I need them to be put away safely. Here is How to Get Chickens to Come When Called.


Start by giving them a certain treat with a certain sound in their pen. We use raisins but any treat of your choice can be used. Chickens also LOVE mealworms. We rattle the container and call “Chick-chick-chick-chickens!’ or some such combination in a voice we reserve for calling them. It does not take them long to associate the sounds with the treat to follow. When you are sure they will all come when you call, let them out. When you are ready for them to come to you, give the call and watch them come running. Drop a few treats at your feet and then a little closer to the door, a little closer, just inside, farther inside, etc. 

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Here is what we do. Action! 🙂


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