Over 30 Keto Low Carb Disaster Prep Ideas What to have on hand to be prepared for hurricanes, power outages and more!

Here is a list of over 30 Keto Low Carb Disaster Prep Ideas so you know what to have on hand for hurricanes, power outages and more!


It is stressful enough when you know you are in the path of a hurricane, tropical storm or any other threat to your home and safety. Having food available that you can eat should not be one more stress. I hope this list is helpful to those finding that they need to go and stock up on things to get them through the storms. You will find over 30 Keto Low Carb Disaster Prep Ideas below.

Of course safety is your number one concern but many will be safe and without power. If you are stranded at home or at work, there are things you can have on hand that will not make you sick. This is not the time to change your diet if you can help it. When you feel well eating this way, it is worth doing all you can to keep it up especially now. This is not the time to have the headaches, stomach upset and “blah” that carbs give you. Just do the best you can!

Above all, dear ones, BE SAFE!!

Don’t forget your can opener!! Plastic forks too!


Bai Drinks

Powerade zero

ICE drinks

Lots of bottled water!!


Premier protein shakes

Pork rinds

Precooked bacon




Canned green beans

Summer sausage 

Canned broth

Nuts; almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamias

Peanut or almond butter

Foil tuna or salmon packs

Canned chicken, tuna, salmon, sardines  (with flip open top or have a manual can opener!)

Mayo packets

Cheese crisps

Vienna sausages

Beef Jerky (watch for sugar)

Celery sticks


Cherry Tomatoes


Sunflower seeds

Quest Protein bars

Salad mixes

Oil and vinegar for salad


If you have a cooler available you can add;

Hard boiled eggs

String cheese

Cooked chicken, hamburger, etc.


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