2 Quick Easy Ways To Save Even More At Walmart Here are 2 apps that can save you hundreds more a year with a few minutes each time you shop!

2 Quick Easy Ways To Save Even More At Walmart: Here are 2 apps that can save you hundreds more a year with a few minutes each time you shop!

Walmart is one of my favorite places to shop. I get most of my groceries there. We have a Neighborhood Walmart that is right where I travel most so it is so easy to pop in and get what I need. With these 2 apps, I can be sure that I am also getting the very best prices around. I am so glad I found these 2 Ways To Save Even More At Walmart!

Both of these work even if you order online or use the grocery pick up service! 

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This is for many other stores and services; not just Walmart.

Download the app, give them your name, email, date of birth, zip code and gender and start saving money. Before you go to the store, open the app and chose where you are going to shop. There are lots of choices and not only for groceries but also for travel, pharmacies, online shopping, clothing, restaurants and more!

Choose where you are going to shop. It will give you lists of things that you can get cash back after you buy them. Just click on what you want. Sometimes you need to answer a question by clicking on which flavor of something you would be most likely to buy. Other times you may need to watch a 5-15 second advertisement for a product. Usually you just click the + sign to add it to your list.

Below, the symbol on the Frank’s Red Hot means you can get more than one per shopping trip. The symbol on the Bush’s baked beans means you need to buy that many to get the rebate; 2 in this case.

When you have your receipt, go to the bottom middle where it says “Redeem”. You will scan your receipt and double check that it sees all you bought that qualifies. (You can even scan the item in the store to make sure it is the correct thing; helpful!) Sometimes you have to click on something it missed but it will add it right in. Usually that is all there is to do. Sometimes it will ask for a barcode on the item to be scanned but that is rare.

That is it! You will immediately get a notice that it has been received and within minutes, it will be in your account.

You need at least $20 in your account to get your money and then you can have it put into your PayPal or Venmo account, or get a gift card emailed to you for Kohl’s, Sephora, Whole Foods Market, Amazon, Applebee’s, Belk, Cabela’s, Best Buy, Bass Pro Shop, Gap, Hotels.com, Nike, Old Navy, Sam’s Club, Regal, Target, Home Depot, Ebay, Uber and many more. It comes within minutes and is easy to use.

If you sign up and use this code; yormfdm, you will get a bonus of $10 once you earn $10 in rebates. That is very easy and your first $10 will become $20! You can’t beat that! 🙂 Disclaimer; I will also get $5 if you sign up using this code and use the app. We both win. 🙂 This also means that if you refer friends, you get the same $5 bonus! I am not one to recommend something I do not honestly think is a good thing so I really do think you will like this! I have been using it for about a year and a half and have been really happy with how easy it is.

Look how much I’ve earned in about a year and a half! Not bad! 🙂 

Ibotta also works even if you get your groceries online or if you use the Walmart grocery pickup service. You just need to chose your rebates on the Ibotta app and then scan the receipt.


Walmart Savings Catcher

When you have your Walmart app downloaded, the savings catcher is found here; the little green piggy bank.

This one is even easier than Ibotta but I don’t get as much back from it. Every little bit counts though and for simply scanning my receipt in each time I shop, it is very easy. You can scan up to 7 receipts a week so even if you shop every day, you can still do this. The receipts must be scanned within a week of shopping. That is it! Scan the receipt, the app scans surrounding stores to see if there is a better deal for what you bought and it there is, it gives you the money back! Cool!

It even gives you a little report of just what items you saved money on and how much.

This one takes a couple of days; not as fast at Ibotta. But I’ll wait a few days for free money!

I earned $96.20 in the past year and a half by simply scanning my receipt.

To redeem your money, you can get a Walmart gift card emailed to you or use the Walmart pay option to scan your phone screen.  


Let me know if you use these apps and how you like them!  ~Joy


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