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75 Easter Desserts and Treats

75 Easter Desserts and Treats

These 75 Easter Desserts and Treats will have you ready for the holiday with fun bunny, chicks, eggs and spring colored desserts!

It is enjoyable to get together with family and friends to celebrate holidays. Making delicious treats with the colors and symbols of the holiday make it even more fun and beautiful! With the 75 Easter Desserts and Treats in this post, you will have plenty to choose from!

We didn’t forget to include gluten free, dairy free, low carb, Keto and vegan options too! There is something for everyone here!

There are so many chicks, bunnies, eggs, nests and pretty spring colors in these recipes!

Many are easy enough to make with the kids too. Include them in the fun!

I have included recipes from my friends all around the web and boy, do I have some great ideas here! I am so excited to share them with you!

If you would like some Low Carb/Keto options for Easter, check out my 22 Low Carb Keto Easter Brunch Buffet Recipes and 17 Low Carb Keto Easter Dinner Recipes for lots of ideas. Boy, did my family enjoy when I did those posts and all of that cooking! 😊

If you like word puzzles, pop over to my homeschool site and try my Easter Word Scramble and Easter Word Search. I also have a Christian Easter Word Scramble and Christian Easter Word Search. They are all free and all come in two levels so everyone can play.

Follow my Easter Pinterest Board for dozens of ideas from all around the web! I am constantly finding new things to add so there will be new things all the time!

What will you find in this collection?

Cookies and Cookie Bars


Cake, Cupcakes and Cake Bites

Cookie Pizza


Rice Krispie Treats




Jell-O Deviled Eggs

Trail Mix


Marshmallow Bunnies


Chocolate Eggs

Russian Easter Paskha

Bunny Butt Pretzels

Cadbury Egg Dessert Lasagna


Swiss Roll



Bird Nest Cookies

Shredded Wheat Nests

Macaroon Nests

Meringue Nests


Pudding Cups

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75 Easter Desserts and Treats Pinterest Pin

75 Easter Desserts and Treats

These 75 Easter Desserts and Treats will have you ready for the holiday with fun bunny, chicks, eggs and spring colored desserts!


Saturday 12th of March 2022

Thanks for including my recipe! Great list of Easter desserts!