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100 Lunchbox Ideas and Recipes

100 Lunchbox Ideas and Recipes

Never run out of fun and healthy lunches! Mix and Match these 100 lunchbox ideas and recipes for endless possibilities! Includes notes to add for your child!

Oh, the dreaded time of packing the kid’s lunch is upon us again! It is so easy to get into a rut but doesn’t need to be that way! With Over 100 Lunchbox Ideas and Recipes, your child will never be bored with his lunch!

If you are looking for more variety for your kid’s lunches, you are in the right place! The top part of this post is single ideas like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and snacks to add along with the main lunch selection.

Add one or two from each section to give variety and a balanced meal. How many you would add depends on the child’s appetite of course.

The bottom section is recipes and ideas for the main meal. There are over 50 recipes for delicious, kid friendly lunch meals of all different kinds. No need to be bored with these lunches!

A few would need a thermos but most would travel and stay just in the lunchbox or with a cooler pack just fine.

If your eating style is Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Gluten Free or Dairy Free, there are many ideas and recipes here for you!

Follow my Lunch Recipes Pinterest Board for dozens of ideas from all around the web! I am constantly finding new things to add so there will be new things all the time!

Some Fun Back to School Printables:

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Encourage your kids with these fun and loving 72+ Lunch and School Notes for Kids! Tuck them into their lunch, books, pockets or anywhere! Prewritten options or write your own!

Several versions of Free Back to School I Spy Printables for fun searching. Different difficulty levels, some in color and some to color.

Back to School Activities and Printables plus Checklists, Crafts, First Day Photos, Lunch Notes & Recipes! All you need to make this time extra fun and special!

Back to School About Me Printable is a wonderful way to record stats and memories about your child each year on the first day of school!

Back to School Word scrambles are an enjoyable way to practice putting letters together into words and play a game at the same time.

These free printable Back to School Word Search puzzles in 2 levels are a fun way to learn words about Back to School!

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Over 200 Low Carb & Keto Meal Ideas

Are you following me on Pinterest? I have been working very hard making new boards I think you will love and am adding dozens of new pins daily from all of the popular websites!  

You can also follow me on my Facebook groups; my Low Carb and Keto group; Low Carb & Keto Recipes & Helpful Tips Group, my recipes for everyone group; Best Recipes You will Want to Make and my Homeschool group; Loving Homeschool. I am adding daily pictures, links and much more than I would on the blogs and it is a place for you to find support from others on the same journey as you are. Come and share with others, ask questions and learn!


Also, be sure you are aware of any nut avoidances your school may have. Some may or may not allow peanuts or peanut butter or any nuts at all. I did list them but you would go with what your school does of course.

Add a little something from each of these sections for balance and variety.


Kiwi fruit

Orange slices







Dried fruit

Fruit roll-ups





Cherry tomatoes


Melon balls

Dried banana chips


Hummus with veggie sticks

Carrot sticks


Snow peas

Bell Pepper slices

Cucumber slices

Broccoli and/or cauliflower pieces with ranch dressing to dip


Nuts & Seeds

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds




Tortilla chips & salsa



Muesli bars




Goldfish crackers

Energy balls

Banana bread

Rice cakes

Yogurt covered raisins

Trail mix


Dry cereal

Cheese stick


Mini marshmallows


Chocolate chips

Add meats, cheeses, tuna salad, chicken salad or PBJ/ABJ to these

Just changing up the bread can really dress up a regular old sandwich!





Naan bread

Pita bread

English Muffin

Other Main Meal Items

(Many of these recipes and more are below!)

Gluten Free Sausage Balls

Pizza Bites

Pasta salad


Ham slices



Diced chicken

Lunch meat & cheese roll-ups

Pizza rolls

Savory muffin


Cheese and crackers

Hard boiled egg (How to make Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs)

Over 100 Lunchbox Ideas and Recipes

Never run out of fun and healthy lunchbox ideas and recipes! Mix and Match these ideas for endless possibilities! Includes notes to add for your child!