Mediterranean Garden Salad

Mediterranean Garden Salad is good enough to eat every day!

Mediterranean Garden Salad can even be made ahead! I love salad but I will be the first to admit that dragging all of those ingredients out and chopping every day gets old fast!  I usually make at least two of these at a time and wrap the other in plastic wrap to put in the refrigerator for the next day(s).  If I need it to-go, I put it in a container with a lid.  When making ahead of time though, do not add the vinegar, olive oil, chia seeds or avocado. Without those things, it will last a few days in the refrigerator.  They are easy to add when you are ready to eat it.  I have added them in the morning and taken it with me for lunch and it was fine that way but I would not want to do it the day before.

An avocado cut in half will keep fine until the next day if you wrap the seed half tightly in plastic wrap and keep in refrigerator.

You can use any vinegar you like; just be aware that balsamic has carbs and most others do not. Lemon juice is also a good option.  I use the white wine vinegar just because I like it the best.  It is very mild.

I use colored bell peppers; I think they taste better and they are so pretty on the plate.

Mediterranean Garden Salad is low in carbs and full of protein in the chicken and cheese, good fats in the olive oil and avocado and fiber in the chia seeds, not to mention all of the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables.

Mediterranean Garden Salad serves 2 for a main meal salad or 4 or more for a side salad.

Hard boiled eggs are a great addition to this salad. See How To Make Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs.

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Mediterranean Garden Salad
A nutrition packed salad!
  1. Gather your ingredients.
  2. Chop your vegetables, chicken and cheese and put on plates or in containers for later. If you are not eating right away, keep vinegar, olive oil, avocado and chia seeds aside until serving. I made half of this recipe for lunch and half for tomorrow so wrapped the second plate and other half of avocado in plastic wrap to keep in the refrigerator until tomrorrow.
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