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All of My Productive Backyard’s delicious vegetarian recipes are gathered here.

A vegetarian diet basically involves doing without meat, fish and poultry.

There are different types of vegetarians; Lacto-ovo-vegetarian allows eggs and dairy products, Lacto-vegetarian allows dairy and Ovo-vegetarian allows eggs. (Lacto=dairy, Ovo=egg

For the purpose of labeling on this website, a vegetarian recipe could include dairy and/or eggs. I’m sorry I don’t have space or labels to include all of the possible vegetarian options. If you are vegetarian and don’t eat eggs and dairy, please see the Vegan label. That should be what you are looking for.

I did label Pescatarian in their own section.

You can find a list of foods allowed and foods to avoid on the Home page and also a link to a meal plan.