How to Make Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs Nothing added; just water, eggs and ice

Making a hard boiled egg doesn’t seem like a difficult thing—and it shouldn’t be—but sometimes those buggers just won’t peel without taking half of the egg with it.  This is especially true with fresh eggs.  Any time this happens, it is just frustrating and discouraging. 🙁  Here is a tried and true way to make easy to peel hard boiled eggs.  Although there is not a 100% success rate for perfectly peeled eggs, it is pretty close.  I am even using fresh eggs from my girls that are 1-4 days old.  Aren’t they beautiful? 🙂

Fresh eggs

Some recommend adding vinegar, baking soda or salt to the water but that is unnecessary. There is nothing needed but water and eggs to boil them and then ice water to cool them quickly.  That is the trick; put them into the boiling water to heat them quickly and then right into ice water to cool them quickly. Peeling them right away also helps instead of keeping them in the refrigerator with the peel still on them.  

Bring enough water to cover all of the eggs to boil on high heat.  

water to boil

When it is boiling well, so carefully add the eggs with a slotted spoon.  Obviously, you don’t want to drop them or bump them or they will crack.  That makes for a messy pan but they are usually still usable, just ugly.  

boiling eggs

Turn the heat down, to about 7 on my stove, and boil gently for 18 minutes for hard cooked eggs. We like our eggs cooked all the way through so adjust the time if you don’t like them as done.

boiling eggs

During the last few minutes of boiling, prepare a bowl of ice water; lots of ice because those hot eggs will melt it quickly.  

ice water ready

When the timer goes off, carefully scoop the eggs out into the ice water and swish them around with your hand to cool them quickly.  Do this a minute or so and then let them sit for another 5 minutes until they are nice and cool.  

eggs in ice water

To peel them, roll them against the counter to break the shell all the way around. Sometimes it works to start at the end the air pocket is but the rolling works better. Look at how big the shell pieces are!  That is some easy peeling there! 🙂

egg shells

These are going to be Deviled Eggs.  Yummy!

We also love Red Beet Eggs.

hard boiled eggs

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