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Hundreds of Keto Low Carb Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Hundreds of Keto Low Carb Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Hundreds of Keto Low Carb Stocking Stuffer Ideas; Food items, Non Food, Kitchen gadgets, gift cards and even a section just for kids!

Christmas is coming and a question we keep coming back to is “What do we put in the stockings!?” I have come up with Hundreds of Keto Low Carb Stocking Stuffer Ideas to share.

Our typical stocking stuffers are probably very different than what we want to be eating and having around the house now that we are eating Keto or Low Carb. But never fear! 

The lists below include food items (we still need those!), non food items, kitchen gadgets, gift cards and a list just for kids. You will still have plenty of ideas for stocking stuffers!

A lot of things on the kids list would be enjoyed by many adults too so feel free to chose from any list! 🙂

Lots of kids are doing Keto or low carb and we sure don’t want them to be disappointed in their stockings. They won’t be with all of these ideas!

They are also great ideas for kids eating a regular diet who may be getting stockings right next to the Keto or low carb child.

Everyone can get the same types of things without anyone feeling left out or different.

I thought kitchen gadgets would be a good idea, especially for someone new to Keto or low carb. Most eat more avocados, butter, bacon, eggs and meat than they ever have and some of these things make it easier. Everyone likes that!

With hundreds of Keto and low carb stocking stuffer ideas here, you are ready to stuff stockings, gift baskets and care packages for anyone wanting good treats. With hundreds of Keto and low carb stocking stuffer ideas here, you are ready to stuff stockings, gift baskets and care packages for anyone wanting good treats. Click to Tweet

Follow my Christmas Pinterest Board for dozens of ideas from all around the web! I am constantly finding new things to add so there will be new things all the time!

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low carb snacks and condiments for stocking stuffers

Food Items:

Beef Jerky (check labels for carbs)

Small packs of nuts

Sugar Free candy

Aldi Carb Conscious bars

Quest bars

Lily’s chocolate

Omega Power Creamer

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low carb snacks and condiments for stocking stuffers

Water enhancer drops

Cheese crisps

Quest protein chips


Dang coconut chips

David’s pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds


beef sticks, low carb candy and gum, almond flour, low carb snacks

Pickle or olive pouches

Macadamia nuts

K cups

Babybel or The Laughing Cow cheese

Almond flour

Sugar free gum or mints


Torani syrup

G Hughes BBQ sauce

Premier protein shakes


Garlic stuffed olives

Almond butter packs

Tea bags

Frank’s hot sauce

Sugar Free cough drops

low carb snacks and drink drops

Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie

Whisps Cheddar Cheese

Keto Chocolate Trail Mix

Macadamia Nuts

Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bars

Love Good Fats

Mio Vitamins

Pearls Olives to go!

Great Value Electrolytes drink mix

socks, fake nails, nail polish, candle, lip moisturizer

Non Food Items:

Hand warmers

Key chain

Pocket knife


Bath bombs

Movie tickets


Nail polish

Lip balm

small electronics, camping light, ear buds, batteries, screen guard, stylus pen, flashlight

Fun socks


Travel mug

Hand sanitizers/wipes

Mini tissue packs

Eyeglass cleaner and cloth

Screen cleaner

Phone charger

Screen guard

Stylus pen

USB charger

Flash drive

Ear buds


hair ties, wet ones, tissues, small first aid kit, etc.

Golf tees

Guitar pick

Mini tape measure


Manicure set

Lottery tickets

Travel size toiletries; toothpaste, shower gel, mouthwash, shampoo, hair spray

Day planner


Fidget toys, spinners





Drawstring bag

Flash drive keychain

Change purse

Scented hand soap

Essential oils

Gardening tools

Herb garden kit

Flower seeds

Gardening gloves

Turbie twists hair towel

Mini first aid kit

Mini Tide stain remover to go


Lego creator set, card games, rubik's cube, silly putty, koosh ball, yo-yo


Card games

Rubik’s cube

Stuffed animals


Silly putty


Flash light

Camping light

Bouncy balls

Jump rope

school supplies and magnifying glass

Hair ties, clips, accessories

Hair chalk

Nail art kit

Hacky sack

Small Lego sets

Bubble bath

Silly string


Koosh ball

Play Doh


Pick up sticks


Cool pens, pencils

Post it page markers, etc.



Growing wash cloths

Key chain

various small toys for stocking stuffers

Fun shoe laces

Fun socks

Chop sticks








Kitchen Gadgets:

good cook kitchen utensils for stocking stuffers

Measuring spoons

Jar opener

Butter holder

Scrub Daddy, Scrub Mommy

Garlic mincer

Salt grinder, pepper mill



Vegetable peeler

Meat thermometer

Egg slicer

Avocado cutter

Battery operated frother

Hand held veggetti

Avocado saver

Knife sharpener

Silicone baking mat

Small food scale

Gift Cards:


Movie theatre





Beauty parlor


Photo session


Clothing stores

Car wash

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