Best 40 Low Carb Keto Aldi Items

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Best 40 Low Carb Keto Aldi Items; No basics, just the best! What to buy to stock your pantry and do your regular shopping.

This post is highlighting the Best 40 Low Carb Keto Aldi Items. I also have The Biggest Best Low Carb Shopping List for Aldi. Go to that post for the entire list of items in the store! That post includes every single Keto and Low Carb item that Aldi carried when I did the post; there are over 600 pictures, over 200 nutrition labels, sections for strict Keto and dirty Keto/Low carb and pages of free printable shopping lists in that post. This post is a streamlined version of that one—just the best.

This post is just highlighting the best 40

I am not going to list the obvious in this post. We all know that every store sells meat, fresh and frozen vegetables, eggs, pickles, olives, cooking oils, butter, block cheeses and nuts.

Those are the very basics of the Keto and low carb diet and we aren’t going there for this post. You can find them at Aldi and they are perfect choices. Do check the ingredient list for sneaky sugars that could be added in some things. (I’m looking at you, pickles and nuts especially in that above list.) And look at Beginner Keto & Low Carb Shopping List with Tips.

The Aisles and Products

These are items I found in my Aldi. Not every Aldi will have exactly the same things but it will be a good start of what to look for, anyway.

I labeled where I found each item in my Aldi but it could be different in your store.

The Nutrition Labels and Ingredients

I included the nutrition labels so you can see ahead of time whether it is something you want or not. We all have our personal standards of what ingredients we want to eat. Some of these items are strict Keto and some are dirty Keto or Low Carb. That is why the nutrition labels are included.

Aldi and Low Carb Keto Items

Aldi does a great job of supplying low carb and Keto items for us. They have a super supply of meat, fresh and frozen vegetables, eggs, pickles, olives, cooking oils, butter, nuts and cheeses; oh, the cheese! They have so much good cheese!

What does your Aldi have that you don’t see here? Leave me a comment and let me know! I would love to hear from you!

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***To print this shopping list, click HERE.

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Best 40 Low Carb Keto Aldi Items

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Fresh Produce

Zucchini noodles

      Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl

Cold Brew Coffee (near premade salads)

Guacamole Singles, Classic, Spicy and Homestyle


      Simply Nature Apple Cider Vinegar

      Specially Selected Specialty Salsa; Garlic or Cilantro Lime

      Priano Genovese or Rosso Pesto Sauce

      Duke’s Mayonnaise

With Peanut Butter (on an end aisle in my Aldi)

      Peanut Butter and Almond Butter:

Note: here peanut butter may be a better choice than almond butter. Yes, it is peanuts, which is a legume and could be inflammatory but the ingredients are peanuts and salt. The only almond butter contains cane sugar. HOWEVER: If you look at the Total Carb/Fiber/Sugars you will see the peanut butter says 7/3/1 and the almond butter says 7/3/2 for the same 2 Tbsp serving so I will include them both for your comparison. This totally depends on what is important to you.

With Spaghetti

      Simply Nature Organic Bean Pasta

      Specially Selected Premium Marinara Sauce

Pickles, Olives, Peppers; most are fine-some special ones

      Kalamata Olives

      Stuffed Queen Olives

Coffee Aisle

      Premium Assorted Teas

Canned Meat Aisle

      Real Bacon Bits

      Fully Cooked Bacon

      Northern Catch Pink Salmon

Baking Aisle

Flaxseed, Roasted and Milled


Baking Cocoa


Hemp Seeds

Chia Seeds

Breads (These are not wheat free but considered low carb and fine for some; personal choice)

      L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread; Multiseed and Wheat


      Two Good Yogurt

      Grassfed Cheese

      Kerrygold Cheeses

Refrigerated Meat

      Cold Smoked Salmon

      Nathan’s Hot Dogs

Milk Case

      Kerrygold Butter

      Unsweetened Almond Milk

Snack Aisle

      Original Pork Rinds

      100 Calorie Nut Packs (usually on the end of the aisle)

      Sunflower Kernels

      Elevation Bars (there are many different kinds; be sure to get the ones that say “Carb Conscious” at the top)

Drink Aisle

      Fit & Active Liquid Water Enhancers


Frozen Section

Riced Cauliflower

14 Calorie Bars (these were a seasonal item; I loved them!)

Don’t forget; there is a complete batch of items, pictures and nutrition labels in my The Biggest Best Low Carb Shopping List for Aldi post!

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Best 40 Low Carb Keto Aldi Items
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