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Dollar Tree Low Carb and Keto Items

Dollar Tree Low Carb and Keto Items

Let others know what you found and save so you can find it again later!

Dollar Tree Low Carb and Keto Items; Over 125 items from strict Keto to Low Carb with nutrional information included!


I LOVE the Dollar Tree and I love over 125 Dollar Tree Low Carb and Keto Items!

Everything for a dollar just floats my boat.

I was surprised actually, at how many things even a strict Keto-er can find here; over 40 items.

And for low carb-ers, over 125 Dollar Tree Low Carb and Keto Items!

Many things here have low carbs but don’t have great ingredients, which is why they are cheap.

For example, I found that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend is 94% soybean oil!


Well, MY readers will not pick that up in ignorance! 🙂

I am here to tell you to avoid that! The word “blend” is in tiny print and you have to look at the ingredients label to see just what is in the extra virgin olive oil.

It is not always what it seems–and that is on any label, not just at the Dollar Tree.

A good rule is to always read the labels.

These pictures were taken in both Virginia and Oregon Dollar Trees.

I live in VA but was visiting OR so thought I would see how similar they were. I was surprised at how much of the same exact stuff was in both stores.

There will be some variations here and there but both coasts are almost identical.

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I know there are almost as many ways to do the Keto or Low Carb diet as there are people.

To make this for all to see what they want easily, I divided the items into 3 sections; a strict Keto section, a middle ground allowing a few ingredients–like ascorbic acid, citric acid, ferrous gluconate, calcium chloride, annatto color and artificial and natural flavors–that may be iffy or OK or not depending on a million opinions, and a “dirty” (opposite of clean ingredients), “lazy” (just look at carb count or not even keep a daily count) or low carb folks who don’t care as much about that kind of thing.

I added pictures of the nutrition labels so you can see if this is something you want before you even get there.

Since “a picture is worth a thousand words”, the rest of this post is mostly pictures; hundreds of thousands of words! 🙂 

If you are strict Keto, stick to the top section. I kept that separate so you don’t have to sort though it all. 

Middle ground folks, look at the top two sections.

Lazy and Dirty Keto or Low Carb folks; it is all fair game!

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Dollar Tree Low Carb and Keto Items For strict, clean eating Keto 





Most spices are fine and just one ingredient but check labels, especially for blends like lemon pepper, etc.


Middle ground allowing a few ingredients–like ascorbic acid, citric acid, ferrous gluconate, calcium chloride, annatto color and artificial and natural flavors

cream cheese



Dollar Tree Low Carb and Keto Items for Dirty or Lazy Keto or Low Carb

Some of these items have artificial sugars, wheat, soy, or even some real sugar added.

Use your best judgment for your own health.

All items in this section are low in carbs.

Sunny Harvest Whole Pepperoncini

Pampa Pepperoncini

Banana Pepper Rings

Sandwich Slices

Baby Kosher Dills

Dill Chips

Kosher Dills





Dilly Bites

Hottie Bites






Russell Stover Coconut

Russell Stover Caramel




This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on the link and make a purchase, I’ll get a very small percentage in commission. There’s never any extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support.

Let others know what you found and save so you can find it again later!

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Chris Diles

Friday 17th of January 2020

The Pampa brand Mackerel at my Dollar Tree says 30g carbs per 8.47oz can. However the smaller 4.9oz can, same brand, says 0 grams. Both have identical ingredients. 🤔 I am so confused. What am I missing? I wish I could upload a pic to show everyone.


Friday 17th of January 2020

Wow, Chris, I don't know! Without seeing the can, I can't say for sure but it sounds like it could be a misprint to me. If the ingredients say "mackerel, salt and water" like the one in the post, it can't possibly be 30 g of carbs.

Shanna Ackerman

Sunday 13th of October 2019

Awesome list I am heading there now! Thank you! Has anyone tried the salmon there? Im a little scared!


Monday 14th of October 2019

Great, Shanna! I'm glad it was helpful! I haven't tried that salmon. Has anyone else? :)


Saturday 22nd of June 2019

What a game changer! Thank you so much for this extensive list and the time you took to put this together!


Monday 24th of June 2019

You are so welcome, Rose! I am glad it is helpful to you! Thanks for stopping by! :)


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

This is lovely.Before I was ln a keto diet, I used yo buy the nuts,chicken wing sauce,teas,pepperoni,a lot of those items that you have later.Thank you very much,for your recomendations.It relly helped me.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

Hi Jasmine! That is great! You were Keto smart before you were even Keto! :) I'm glad the list was helpful! Thanks for letting me know!


Tuesday 4th of June 2019

Thank you! I'll be able to rock more as I lose.